Redstone Historical Society, Redstone, CO

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WELCOME THE NEW OWNERS - Steve and April Carver. They plan to expand tours, offer overnight experiences and open service areas.It will be open to lodging hopefully by spring 2017.

The Carvers also own The Hotel Denver in Glenwood Springs, CO.


- Castle Tours-
1:30 pm Saturday & Sunday


Redstone Historical Society
Board of Trustees

John Chromy, President
Michael Askew, Vice President
Sue McEvoy, Secretary
Ann Martin, Treasurer
Jeff Bier
Nancy Chromy
Peter Martin
Darrell Munsell
Jane Munsell
Debby Strom
Becky Trembley

Contact us:

366 Redstone Blvd
Redstone, CO 81623

Become a Member
(link to pdf membership form)

Redstone Historical Society Annual Meeting

Membership Meeting
Stephanie Askew & Mead Metcalf


Redstone Historical Society - log cabin museum
REDSTONE MUSEUM and home of the RHS is open daily and is conveniently located in Redstone Park. Constructed in 1899, it was the "lamp house" for the miners working the steep tunnel mines in Coal Basin. Step back and enjoy Redstone History.

Redstone Coke Ovens
REDSTONE COKE OVEN restoration in 2014 culminated the 12 year RHS project for the preservation and restoration of the site.

Redstone CastleREDSTONE CASTLE - In 2004 Redstone Castle was on Colorado's "most endangered" list of historic landmarks . In an effort to preserve its historic intergrity and assure its maintenance, RHS fought for and secured a conservation easement. Still privately owned, but publicly protected, Redstone Castle offers tours - current schedule.

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